Steam Carpet Cleaning Vs Dry Carpet Cleaning


When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are two methods that are commonly used. They include steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. If you want to get your carpets cleaned, chances are that you are contemplating between the two methods. Each method has its pros and cons. Hence, it all comes down to what you want. To help you get a better idea about what each carpet cleaning method has to offer, this post shares all the information that you could possibly need.

If you have not cleaned your carpets in a while, they must be very dirty and require urgent attention. Leaking roofs, muddy feet, and kids can leave the carpets stained and dirty. Hence, it is crucial to get it cleaned so that it maintains its original beauty and lasts a long time. Besides, a clean carpet improves air quality in your home and office. The fact is that weekly vacuuming is just not enough. In reality, you need to get your carpets cleaned by a professional every 6 months to ensure that they retain their former glory. So, what are you waiting? Let’s dive in.


Steam carpet cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction. The method forces hot water into your carpet with the help of a high-pressure jet spray. Then, the water is vacuumed out. To perform steam carpet cleaning, a portable machine or truck-mounted machine is required. The steam cleaning professional will do the following to provide you with the best results.

  • Vacuum your carpet in order to remove surface dirt and dust.
  • Spot-treat the marks and stains using a cleaning agent.
  • Make use of a pre-spray for softening the surface tension of your carpet. It would allow hot water to easily penetrate into the fibres effectively. Thus, a deeper clean would be possible.

Generally, the drying time following steam carpet cleaning is anywhere around 6 to 8 hours as long as there is adequate ventilation. Otherwise, it would take much longer. Now, if the carpet takes much longer than 24 hours to completely dry, it means that the professional has failed to properly extract enough water. In such a case, you will need to make a complaint. However, if you hire a reputable carpet cleaning company, you will not have to worry about such a thing.


Now, you might think that there is no water involved in the method. But, there is some water that is used to clean the carpet. However, it is not as extensive as steam cleaning. When you hire a carpet cleaning company for dry carpet cleaning, here is what you can expect from the professionals.

  • Thoroughly vacuuming of the carpet to ensure that any surface dirt and dust is removed.
  • Application of a dry cleaning solution that will contain some water and cleaning solvents. The solution will effectively break down into the carpet fibers to release residue that has been built up over time. Thus, the dirt will be extracted.

Dry carpet cleaning is a method that makes use of a machine that has rotating pads which spin at full speed so that the carpet is properly cleaned and dirt is removed. The absorbent cotton pads are soaked in a mixture of conditioning solution and hot water for the best job. As the pads become soiled during the cleaning process, they are removed.


When you compare steam carpet cleaning with dry carpet cleaning, you will quickly realize that the two methods have different benefits. If you opt for dry carpet cleaning, you should be able to walk on the carpet immediately after the carpet cleaners are done with the work. The carpet should be completely in about 2 hours. This makes the method the perfect option in high traffic areas. On the other hand, if you want the best cleaning done to rejuvenate the look and feel of the carpet, you need to choose steam carpet cleaning. The thing about steam carpet cleaning is that it is a more effective option. However, you will be unable to use the carpet for about 8 hours or more.


Now that you know about the differences between steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning Perth, you will be able to decide which method to go for. Generally, dry carpet cleaning is recommended if you want general maintenance. Steam carpet cleaning is recommended if you want to prolong the beauty and life of the carpet.