The Dirty Secrets behind the best Carpet Cleaning Perth


When you want the best carpet cleaning Perth, how do you know who to get the highest quality cleaning and service from?

Find out who is legitimate and who is not a small area of ​​mine. So where do you start?

  • A quick Google search for “best carpet cleaning in Perth”.

The top result is Perth Pride Carpet Cleaning with an average rate of 4.9 out of 5 (164 reviews)

  • Are the reviews you are seeing, are they true, verified or just made up? The review website uses a rigorous 50-point inspection, including reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust, and cost verification, as well as overall excellence.

Pride Carpet Cleaning also hits the mark, as one of the top 3 carpet cleaning services in Perth.

The highly regarded review website is ASP Cleaning.

Pride Carpet Cleaning Perth is back at No: 1.

But What About The Franchise?

I mean, they are very visible, they provide the full range of services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning, and mattress cleaning and stain removal. You see their trucks wherever you go; they advertise a lot and their review ratings seem to be pretty good, for the most part. Sure, I can trust them. Right?

Well maybe! I’m sure there are trustworthy people. But which ones?

And that’s the big question! Which are good and which are bad? It is extremely difficult to know the Truth.

Legitimate Business Reputation

Not long ago, the main advertising methods for all local businesses were radio, television, community newspapers, and of course word of mouth.

For example, if you searched for “Carpet Cleaning Perth”, “Perth Cleaning Cover” or “Perth Mattress Cleaning”, you would search the local newspapers, hear a windy guy on the radio, or ask a friend if you can find a good rug. And recommend an upholstery cleaner.

They have built a good reputation in the community for providing quality results and excellent service. There were no reviews or online ratings.

Now, It’s All About Online Profile

While the aforementioned methods still exist and are still being used, although not as regularly, we, as consumers of our mobile phones and Google, prefer to purchase whatever product or service we want.

As a result, today most businesses, especially franchises, place much more emphasis on achieving a strong business profile online. Legit or other.

This could put you, the consumer, at great risk because you have to understand that not everything on the Internet can be built at face value. You should be prepared to look a little deeper to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

Fake Ratings And Reviews

Now, let’s go back to the beginning of this blog post where I asked:

“When you want the best carpet cleaning in Perth, how do you know with whom you will do the highest quality cleaning and service?”

The answer: First, trust your instincts. Then if the reviews of a franchise or business website seem too good to be true, dig a little deeper. Look for reliable review websites to help you make decisions; only rely on the website of the franchise or company for positive reviews.

The truth is out there! You just have to get it.

Avoid Dirty Little Tricks

Believe it or not, with some franchises they use their size and power to bend the truth, creating ratings and reviews made with the express intent of misleading potential customers on the basis of obvious lies.

Through platforms like Google My Business and Facebook, they can control their reputation by manipulating data and conducting fake reviews.

They can create fake 5 star ratings, which are actually more like 2.7 stars or 3.1 stars. That’s a big difference, which means 40% to 50% of your customers are completely dissatisfied.

One carpet cleaning franchise (which will remain anonymous because we don’t want to sue) certainly does this, and others are likely to follow the same process:

  1. Create a new online profile for the franchise itself, saying how great they are and how they will achieve great results for all their clients.
  2. It generates a lot of false positive ratings and reviews from many satisfied (satisfied) customers
  3. Advertise the franchise strongly through social media platforms towards your target audience
  4. Get lots of new customers and distribute these to each franchisee based on their area of ​​service
  5. The franchisee misled the franchisee into believing that what is not in the franchise, i.e. lower income, higher costs, hidden fees
  6. The franchisee has received inadequate and weak training, is under pressure to quickly finish a job to earn a good career, and has to give much of his income to the main franchisee.
  7. As a result, you do a poor / mediocre job for the client as they are very focused on the next job and the next money, rather than the job you are working on.
  8. It gets bad reviews as dissatisfied customers go online and claim how dissatisfied they were with the bad attitude, lack of knowledge and skills from the franchisees, resulting in substandard and substandard work.
  9. The franchisee closes that profile, abandons the franchisee for not upholding the “reputation” of the business, thereby hiding the bad reputation, poor quality results and general unreliable performance of the operators.
  10. The franchisee creates a great new online profile for the franchise itself, saying how good they are and how they will achieve great results for all their clients.
  11. Rinses and repetitions: you get the idea