Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why are some Office cleaning Perth services outrageously cheaper and others more expensive? Are there some free magic materials that you use in your work that others don’t have access to, or are they just super good at cutting costs and reducing costs?

Well, we can assure you one thing from our experience; There is always a well-hidden cause why a company chooses to become the insanely cheaper option. All businesses must make a profit. So, if those “Cheap-Er” companies are offering outrageously low fees and cleaning products, that means they’re somehow trying to cut corners in their gambling for profit.

So how do you cut these corners?

Take this scenario, for example, a couple hires a cheapest cleaning services to clean their house. They don’t take the time to check the cleaning service and their methods before hiring them. At the time, all they wanted was the immediate cost involved, not knowing that it might cost them more in the long run.

The cleaning service comes with their unskilled staff and uses cheap, substandard materials to do the job. After cleaning up, the couple discover that some of the chemicals used for the service were harmful and toxic to their children. Now, in an attempt to save costs, they ended up risking the lives of their children.

They also end up spending more on hospital bills and a more efficient cleaning service. These kinds of scenarios happen around us on a daily basis. The worst thing about hiring cheap and substandard cleaning services is that you may not notice the effects right away. Therefore, it is always better to do your research when choosing a cleaning service. Instead of saving costs on the cheap ones, pay a good price to hire the professionals.



Workers always tend to do their best only when they are happy. Paying them less definitely makes them unhappy. Therefore, it is always better to motivate and appreciate them by paying them well enough.


Accidents can happen at any time, even in so-called “simple” occupations like professional cleaning. If a cleaning company offers its services at a low price and does not have adequate insurance coverage, you are risking simply working with them.

Legal problems may arise when such companies render their services without the necessary insurance coverage. Don’t think it doesn’t concern you at all. In some accident cases, the customer is also expected to contribute to cover the costs of the damages. It’s better if you don’t go through any of that.

So ask yourself these questions before hiring or using the next cheap cleaner out there;

  • What if something goes wrong… who will pay for it?
  • Can this company cover these payments?

Questions like these can save you a lot of money and potential court cases.

Look at this scenario:

A client can pay a not so cheap but capable cleaning company. But they choose to pass the job to the cheapest company.

They provide their services for some time and the client is glad that they have saved some real money. But, unfortunately, something happens. One day, one of the company’s employees decides to use an unsafe work strategy and gets electrocuted. The client, in the end, pays ten times the cost of all the work done.

That scenario is enough to remind us that whatever we sow, we reap. It doesn’t matter how profitable you are trying to be. The standard is still the standard. You cannot change it. Suppose an employee is insufficiently trained (as most cheap cleaning companies do).

In that case, it is only a matter of time before a workplace accident occurs and causes the unsuspecting customer a huge loss in the end.

We’re sure it’s probably one of the last things you’ll think about when hiring a cleaning service. When making the seemingly unimportant decision of who will do the cleaning work, many people don’t even think! They consider only the initial financial part of the deal, forgetting that any work done with the proper insurance coverage will likely have a negative effect on the client’s face, especially when there is an accident or damage.

So before hiring a cleaner, try to find out first; If something goes wrong, who will cover it?


Not having a feedback mechanism to balance the scale of service delivery is always a bad idea. It would be helpful if you were always on the lookout for any cheap deaf cleaning equipment for clients. Such cleaning setups can reduce costs by having little or no means of returning customer suggestions, complaints, and advice.

Which shows that the customer means nothing to them and that they are only interested in monetary gain.

A couple of ways to find out if a cleaning company is trying to cut customer relations is by checking to see if they have a functional telephone response system that is available and affordable to call. Another method is to find out if they even have a customer response number or some other similar system. You may be interested to know that some of those near-miracle price cleaning companies have no established contact numbers or emails or any other kind. That alone should predict what might happen if you try to reach them in the event of an emergency.


A saying goes that a worker is only as good as his skills. Everyone must have cleaned something or somewhere, either in the present or in the recent past. But it does not mean that everyone is qualified to run a cleaning business or work as a qualified cleaner.

That brings up the case of a tailor, for example. Everyone, of course, can thread a needle and run it through a cloth or shoe. Can everyone do it in order and fashion, which results in professional clothes or new shoes…? without even getting hurt?

The same answer also applies to the world of cleaning services; Trying to get someone to do your job will give you anybody’s results (you probably won’t know when they’re going to go wrong). However, the touch of a professional will always result in a professional-looking result.

You can understand that through this perspective;

“If I didn’t choose to do the cleaning myself, why should I choose someone who is also like me (without the proper cleaning skills) to do the job?”

That should help you make the right assessment when choosing your next cleaning service.

That’s surely the most practiced method of taking shortcuts for those seemingly innocent “cheap” cleaners. The skills and competence of the workers in any organization are among the most important factors in determining the proper delivery of customer service.

So, if you hire a company that uses cheap, unskilled labor, prepare for the worst.


Good cleaning services have some added advantages, even if they charge a penny or two above the “cheaper” competition. You can always rely on good cleaning companies for different services like proper cleaning of the oven or your entire kitchen!

These services require exquisite care and skill because they are about food. Of course, you don’t want your food to taste strange after cleaning service comes through your home or office.

This is why you should always go for the most professional offering rather than practicing pinching a penny. Another important service is ensuring that cleaning chemicals are not dangerous to you or the environment.

Therefore, always try to look for cleaning services that prefer to invest in your equipment and that may seem expensive to hire than others that do not care about your health or the environment.

You may find yourself in a vacation situation, where a small number or no cleaners are likely to come to your home, then you have a proper, well-oiled cleaning company that works year-round. These companies are not cheap, of course. That means it is always better to hire an efficient but expensive cleaning hand than a cheap but poorly maintained alternative.

Since you read all of our reasons and reached the end of the blog, we will give you an additional reason.


Imagine having to struggle to clean your home on vacation because of course someone with a better deal has hired the “cheapest cleaning services”. Also, they often don’t have a replacement to send at that time needed either.

That rarely happens with professionals. Professional cleaning services always have the necessary staff to cover any time of year, regardless of whether there is a rush for customers or not.

Contrary to common misconception, most of the supposedly cheaper cleaning companies operate out of greed only, not customer satisfaction. Purpose-driven organizations that spend time and money cultivating their people and the inner workings of the business are often expensive.

So, if you don’t like the idea of ​​your cleaning service being interrupted due to some special event, then you should opt for a well-built and efficient cleaning service.

As a cleaning service professional, sustainability is supposed to be a watchword. You can view sustainability as being able to practice cleaning methods and habits that can be used continuously without having to worry about negative effects. Corporate responsibility should also be a guiding principle for professional cleaners. The environment and the lives of customers must be protected at all costs and that is why it is always recommended that cleaning services use environmentally friendly products to reduce adverse effects on human lives and the environment as a whole.

I could go on and on, but the truth is, you can’t steal from the proverbial Paul to pay Peter. That interprets in this case that you cannot pay peanuts as service fees and expect a wonderful and safe service delivery.

 Even if it seems to have worked at the time, given a little time and pressure, the difference between the incompetent cleaning package and the real deal becomes clear.