Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth

At ASP Cleaning Perth, we specialize in tile and grout cleaning. We achieve the best possible cleaning results by using high-end cleaning equipment and technologies.

ASP Cleaning Perth cleaning team takes the time and care required for tile cleaning. We know and understand the science of cleaning tiles and sealing agents so that we can you give you perfectly spotless and shining tiles and provide you with the best cleaning experience in Perth.

How is the cleaning done?

1: A pre-cleaning inspection is done by our team to determine the type of tile you have and to determine the level of cleaning needed.

2: Micro-fiber mopping is done to prepare the tiles for cleaning.

3: A hot cleaning solution is applied that starts breaking down dirt, filth, stains, and grime.

4: Next, we scrub the tiles and grout lines.

5: A high-pressure steam extraction is done with the help of a truck-mounted machine.

6: The final step is drying with high-velocity air movers.

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What types of tiles are cleaned?

ASP Cleaning Perth can provide tiles and grout cleaning services for all types of tiles including:

The site is also a factor that is considered before deciding what technology and method should be used for cleaning. We provide cleaning services for:

To avail our tiles and grout cleaning services for perfectly spotless and cleaned tiles, call us now at 0433 969 939.